GeoHazard Monitoring  (Danna Azad Kashmir)

  • 3cm GSD
  • 800 Million Points Cloud

The imagery helped identify risks zones that are still active.

Thermal Inspection of  High Tension Power Line

  • Blended RGB and Thermal Imagery

Thermal analysis used to identify high-tension points.

Olive Farm Agro Tree Count

  • RGB and MultiSpectral Imagery
  • Hi-Res 3D Model
  • DEM
  • Tree Health Analysis

Multispectral analysis along with RGB helped monitor trees health and count in the farm.

Telecom Tower Digital Twin

  • As-Built Analysis
  • Security Analysis
  • Detailed Inspection

Detailed analysis is run on this digital twin to identify security and inspection risks based on their severity. Engineering parameters of active items are also identified through artifical intelligence. Digital inventory is available across the organization where measurements can be run with sub-centimeter accuracy. 

Digital Outcrop Modelling for NAMAL

  • Outcrop patterns
  • Structure Contours
  • Formation
  •  Deformation
    • Shear vs Strain
  • LiDAR Maps

Oil and Gas Plant Digital Twin

Thermal Inspection of IESCO 132KV Grid Station

Large Scale Solar Park Inspection using Drones

  • Easy to identify and locate faulty cells
  • Fast and accurate as compared to manual methods

Large scale solar panels thermal analysis is performed in very small amount of time, largely cutting cost in the process.

Drone Guided Aerial Imaging