Drone solutions for Safety & Security

Height your situational awareness


Minimise unwanted surprises, provide useful insights and help emergency personnel stay out of harm’s way.


Deploys in a matter of seconds after arriving on scene, to respond faster and minimise danger to those in need of assistance.


Real-time awareness

Equipped with infrared and VOC sensors, detect individuals and radiation that would otherwise go unseen.


Thermal detection

Equipped with thermal sensors to maximise the operator’s ability to quickly spot individuals lost at sea.

Adapt to the demands of the situation at hand faster and easier than ever before with the click and go payload system

Accident mapping

A safe, affordable and reliable method of documenting crashes.

Faster documentation

Document car accidents much faster, lowering the risk of further accidents happening to police and passersby.

Accurate evidence

Document crash sites by collecting reliable data to determine cause of the incident.


Monitor subjects without risk. Equip with 30x zoom cameras to effortlessly spot subjects of interest from a great distance.

Thermal IR vision

Track individuals that blend into their surroundings or are active at night by utilising infrared sensors.

Be aware of invisible threats

Gas monitors

Monitor hazardous materials like toxic and combustible gases, VOCs and oxygen levels from a safe distance.

Radiation monitors

Detect gamma radiation levels from afar with parts per billion precision.



The world has become an increasingly unpredictable place. Today, we need smart technology to stay safe and ensure public safety, as well. Using your current technology, what are your options when faced with a fire, explosion, building collapse, hazardous spill, terrorist attack, missing person case, search and rescue call, crowd control issue, or surveillance and inspections requirements? Drones have added benefits to the Public Safety industry.


Right after disaster hits, it can be too risky to send in ground support. That’s where drones come in to support governmental agencies.

We have comprehensive software solutions that will quickly and securely extract the information for you to analyze and create reports, generating better outcomes for everyone.

Better Ambulance Technology

For ambulance responses, drones can respond and delivery emergency equipment faster than traditional ground transportation.

Drones are an essential part of emergency response equipment throughout the world and are now capable of carrying anything from EpiPens to defibrillators.