Drones have revolutionized the agriculture sector. Today, drone technology has made it easier to report on crop health, survey land and has made pesticide-spray more time efficient.

Thus leading to better Agro-informatics and more insightful data-driven decisions.


Traditional technology makes it difficult to conduct inspections on cell towers, power lines, bridges, and railroad systems and that too in extreme weather conditions. Using drones can drastically reduce exposure to extreme hazardous situations like the risk of unknowns, high voltage power lines, and other high-risk situations in temp as low as -17C on a mountain top or as hot as 50C + in a desert. 


When you need aerial photos, maps videos or inspect a work site while carrying out real-time diagnostics, you need a

all-in-one solution.

Hard to reach areas are no longer a safety hazard for workers. Let us help educate you and your team on using drone solutions to anticipate future requirements in construction sector.


Drones keep human inspectors safe and sound from high rooflines, peaks, steep pitfalls narrow roads deep waters and many other hazards. This, in turn, protects inspectors and lowers the insurances cost to companies. 

Drones allow operators to capture multiple images of a property from different angles, without placing themselves in natures' challenging terrains. 


The energy industry is adapting rapidly, and it requires agile, innovative technology that can keep pace with modern times. That’s where drones come in. Capable of supporting various applications, providing highly accurate data, and reducing risk. Drones have become a widespread tool for energy companies around the world.


Drones are a revolution for the mining industry. Less expensive than traditional air support, drones offer an all-important aerial perspective for mining companies. Additionally, since drones are equipped with mapping capabilities, they provide accurate results, with advanced data collection and improved safety. From surveying to planning for new mines, drones are an excellent way to increase efficiencies in the mining industry.


Today, we need smart technology to stay safe and ensure public safety at the same time. Using your current technology, what are your options when faced with a fire, explosion, building collapse, hazardous spill, terrorist attack, missing person case, search and rescue call, crowd control issue, or surveillance and inspections requirements?

Drones have added measurable benefits to the Public Safety and Security, undoubtly.


Sell real estate faster and attract more clients by showcasing your commercial property from the air. High quality aerial footage - such as panoramas, images, and video tours - illustrate your properties’ proximity to nearby amenities, roads, and features. 

Have a large portfolio of properties that need drone imagery? Speak with a member of our team.


Whether you need to monitor the pipeline right-of-ways, inspect well sites, or manage many other oil and gas assets efficiently, our drone-based solutions deliver a flexible, cost-effective way to inspect your oil and gas assets.

There’s no need to own a drone, maintain a pilot on staff, or analyze data. We’ve built our service based to help you out? Just speak with a member of our professional team

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